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Professor, Schools of RS / CS, Wuhan University
Director, WHU-RS Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision
Director, Joint RS-CS Lab. for Intelligent Information Processing

Email: zzchen (at)
Office: Rm. 420, #5 Building, Info. Science Campus, Wuhan University, China

[12/16/2020] To Prospective Ph.D. Applicant:
Please note that there is NO vancancy for year 2021 in my group.

[01/11/2021] To Prospective M.Sc./M.Eng. Applicant:
For highly self-motivated applicants, there are currently TWO vancancies at School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering for the 3-year M.Sc. degree, and ONE vancancy at School of Computer Science for the 2-year M.Eng. degree in Electronic and Information Eng., in my group. Please send an email with CV to me directly if interested.


Recent Publications

(†: undergraduate student; ‡: postgraduate student; ˆ: intern/visiting student)
  1. Xiaoying Ding‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Towards Mesh Saliency Detection in 6 Degrees of Freedom.
  2. Yaochen Zhu‡, Jiayi Xie‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Predicting the Popularity of Micro-videos with Multimodal Variational Encoder-Decoder Framework.
  3. Nannan Li‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Learning Compact Reward for Image Captioning.
  4. Journal Paper
  5. Zizheng Liu‡, Xiang Pan‡, Yiming Li‡, Zhenzhong Chen: A Game Theory based Rate Allocation Scheme for HEVC Region of Interest Coding. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 20: 794-805, (2021).
  6. Kao Zhang‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Shan Liu: Affective Video Content Analysis via Multimodal Deep Quality Embedding Network. IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol. 20: 572-587, (2021).
  7. Jun Ouyang‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Feng Wu: Multimodal Local-Global Attention Network for Affective Video Content Analysis. IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, in press.
  8. Rui Liu‡, Li Mi‡, Zhenzhong Chen: AFNet: Adaptive Fusion Network for Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation. IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, in press.
  9. Yaochen Zhu‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Feng Wu: Affective Video Content Analysis via Multimodal Deep Quality Embedding Network. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, in press.
  10. Aoqi Li‡, Jeremy M. Wolfe, Zhenzhong Chen: Implicitly and explicitly encoded features can guide attention in free-viewing. Journal of Vision, Vol.20, 8(2020).
  11. Di Liu‡, Kao Zhang, Zhenzhong Chen: Attentive Cross-Modal Fusion Network for RGB-D Saliency Detection. IEEE Trans. Multimedia, in press.
  12. Wanjie Sun‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Feng Wu: Visual Scanpath Prediction using IOR-ROI Recurrent Mixture Density Network. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, in press.
  13. Wanjie Sun‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Learned Image Downscaling for Upscaling using Content Adaptive Resampler. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 29: 4027-4040, (2020). [Code]
  14. Wentao Bao‡, Bin Xu‡, Zhenzhong Chen: MonoFENet: Monocular 3D Object Detection with Feature Enhancement Networks. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 29: 2753-2765, (2020) .
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  17. Jing Lin‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Feng Wu: Class-Oriented Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Image Classification. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Technol. 30(7): 2155-2166 (2020).
  18. Li Mi‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Superpixel-enhanced Deep Neural Forest for Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 159: 140-152 (2020).
  19. Zhenzhong Chen, Han Zhu‡: Visual Quality Evaluation for Semantic Segmentation: Subjective Assessment Database and Objective Assessment Measure. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 28(12): 5785-5796, (2019).
  20. Zhenzhong Chen, Xiang Pan‡: An Optimized Rate Control for Low-delay H.265/HEVC. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 28(9): 4541-4552 (2019).
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  24. Xiaoying Ding†, Zhenzhong Chen: Improving Saliency Detection Based on Modeling Photographer's Intention. IEEE Trans. Multimedia 21(1): 124-134 (2019)
  25. Zhenzhong Chen, Ye Hu‡, Yingxue Zhang‡: Effects of Compression on Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Fractal Analysis. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing 57(7): 4577-4590 (2019)
  26. Feiyang Liu‡, Zhenzhong Chen: An Adaptive Spectral Decorrelation Method for Lossless MODIS Image Compression. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing 57(2): 803-814 (2019)
  27. Conference Paper
  28. Li Mi‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Hierarchical Graph Attention Network for Visual Relationship Detection. CVPR 2020.
  29. Jiayi Xie‡, Yaochen Zhu‡, Zhibin Zhang‡, Jian Peng‡, Jing Yi†, Yaosi Hu‡, Hongyi Liu‡, Zhenzhong Chen: A Multimodal Variational Encoder-Decoder Framework for Micro-video Popularity Prediction. WWW 2020. (Short Paper)
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