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Professor, Schools of RS / CS, Wuhan University
Director, Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision

Email: zzchen (at)
Office: Rm. 420, #5 Building, Info. Science Campus, Wuhan University, China

[04/24/2020] To undergraduate students:
My lab regularly provides a few research opportunities to highly self-motivated year 1-2 undergraduate students. Please send an email with CV to me directly if interested.

For postgraduate opportunities, in either School of Remote Sensing and Information Engineering or Computer Science, please check the webpage of Postgraduate Student Recruitment for details and follow the instructions.


Recent Publications

(†: undergraduate student; ‡: postgraduate student; ˆ: intern/visiting student)
  1. Xiaoying Ding‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Towards Mesh Saliency Detection in 6 Degrees of Freedom.
  2. Yaochen Zhu‡, Jiayi Xie‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Predicting the Popularity of Micro-videos with Multimodal Variational Encoder-Decoder Framework.
  3. Nannan Li‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Learning Compact Reward for Image Captioning.
  4. Journal Paper
  5. Yaochen Zhu‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Feng Wu: Affective Video Content Analysis via Multimodal Deep Quality Embedding Network. IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, in press.
  6. Aoqi Li‡, Jeremy M. Wolfe, Zhenzhong Chen: Implicitly and explicitly encoded features can guide attention in free-viewing. Journal of Vision, Vol.20, 8(2020).
  7. Di Liu‡, Kao Zhang, Zhenzhong Chen: Attentive Cross-Modal Fusion Network for RGB-D Saliency Detection. IEEE Trans. Multimedia, in press.
  8. Wanjie Sun‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Feng Wu: Visual Scanpath Prediction using IOR-ROI Recurrent Mixture Density Network. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, in press.
  9. Wanjie Sun‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Learned Image Downscaling for Upscaling using Content Adaptive Resampler. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 29: 4027-4040, (2020). [Code]
  10. Wentao Bao‡, Bin Xu‡, Zhenzhong Chen: MonoFENet: Monocular 3D Object Detection with Feature Enhancement Networks. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, vol. 29: 2753-2765, (2020) .
  11. Zhenzhong Chen, Wei Wu‡: Asymmetric Foveated Just-Noticeable-Difference Model for Images with Visual Field Inhomogeneities. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn., in press.
  12. Xianhang Cheng‡, Zhenzhong Chen: A Multi-Scale Position Feature Transform Network for Video Frame Interpolation. IEEE Transactions on CSVT, in press.
  13. Jing Lin‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Feng Wu: Class-Oriented Discriminative Dictionary Learning for Image Classification. IEEE Transactions on CSVT, in press.
  14. Li Mi‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Superpixel-enhanced Deep Neural Forest for Remote Sensing Image Semantic Segmentation. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 159: 140-152 (2020).
  15. Zhenzhong Chen, Han Zhu‡: Visual Quality Evaluation for Semantic Segmentation: Subjective Assessment Database and Objective Assessment Measure. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 28(12): 5785-5796, (2019).
  16. Zhenzhong Chen, Xiang Pan‡: An Optimized Rate Control for Low-delay H.265/HEVC. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 28(9): 4541-4552 (2019).
  17. Xiaoying Ding‡, Weisi Lin, Zhenzhong Chen, Xinfeng Zhang: Point Cloud Saliency Detection by Local and Global Feature Fusion. IEEE Trans. Image Processing, 28(11): 5379-5393, (2019).
  18. Kao Zhang‡ and Zhenzhong Chen: Video Saliency Prediction based on Spatial-temporal Two-stream Network. IEEE Transactions on CSVT, 29(12): 3544-3557 (2019).
  19. Yiming Li‡, Jizheng Xu, Zhenzhong Chen: Spherical Domain Rate-Distortion Optimization for Omnidirectional Video Coding. IEEE Trans. Circuits Syst. Video Techn. 29(6): 1767-1780 (2019)
  20. Xiaoying Ding†, Zhenzhong Chen: Improving Saliency Detection Based on Modeling Photographer's Intention. IEEE Trans. Multimedia 21(1): 124-134 (2019)
  21. Zhenzhong Chen, Ye Hu‡, Yingxue Zhang‡: Effects of Compression on Remote Sensing Image Classification Based on Fractal Analysis. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing 57(7): 4577-4590 (2019)
  22. Feiyang Liu‡, Zhenzhong Chen: An Adaptive Spectral Decorrelation Method for Lossless MODIS Image Compression. IEEE Trans. Geoscience and Remote Sensing 57(2): 803-814 (2019)
  23. Conference Paper
  24. Li Mi‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Hierarchical Graph Attention Network for Visual Relationship Detection. CVPR 2020.
  25. Jiayi Xie‡, Yaochen Zhu‡, Zhibin Zhang‡, Jian Peng‡, Jing Yi†, Yaosi Hu‡, Hongyi Liu‡, Zhenzhong Chen: A Multimodal Variational Encoder-Decoder Framework for Micro-video Popularity Prediction. WWW 2020. (Short Paper)
  26. Xianhang Cheng‡, Zhenzhong Chen: Video Frame Interpolation via Deformable Separable Convolution. AAAI 2020.
  27. Yaosi Hu‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Zheng-Jun Zha and Feng Wu: Hierarchical Global-Local Temporal Modeling for Video Captioning. ACM MM 2019.
  28. Yaochen Zhu†, Zhenzhong Chen and Feng Wu: Multimodal Deep Denoise Framework for Affective Video Content Analysis. ACM MM 2019.
  29. Nannan Li†, Zhenzhong Chen, Shan Liu: Meta Learning for Image Captioning. AAAI 2019.
  30. Shang Liu‡, Zhenzhong Chen, Hongyi Liu. Xinghai Hu: User-Video Co-Attention Network for Personalized Micro-video Recommendation. WWW 2019. (Short Paper)
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